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Jul 1, 2016
Bootstrapping Tcl Unit Testing With Tcltest If you are working with Tcl, and interested in adding unit tests to your project using tcltest, read on. Usually there is some bootstrap work required to run your unit tests. For example, every test should load the relevant libraries before using them in a test. There is also a need in a test runner that would execute the test suite and report results. Since there are several ways to implement the above, and there are some gotchas along the way, I thought it would be useful to provide a reference implementation.…
Jun 9, 2016
Using Couchbase Python SDK on Cloud Foundry I wanted to use Couchbase as a session store for my app instances, and specifically Couchbase Python SDK. The problem I faced was that Couchbase Python SDK (and some of Couchbase other non-C SDKs) requires Couchbase C SDK to be installed a priori – it is not installed by pip automatically. Sadly, Conda package manager doesn’t have Couchbase C SDK in its repository, so I could not use Cloud Foundry Python Conda buildpack to install it (it can be very useful to install SciPy for example, which is supported by Conda).…